quattro studi di cavalli

Four studies dedicated to equestrian beauty: Marco Delogu photographed thoroughbred horses loose against a white background in a naturally lit studio constructed at the Capannelle racecourse, recreating the diffused light typical of northern latitudes, and took close-ups against a black background, adopting the concepts of total suspension, subtraction and leanness. These images contrast with the painted horses in the fresco by Cavalier d’Arpino entitled the “Battle of Tullus Hostilius against the Veientes and the Fidenates” and the bronze horse found in Vicolo delle Palme and housed in the Capitoline Museums.
The book is double-ended, with a part dedicated specifically to the bronze horse, and was written by Marco Delogu, with the contribution of critical texts by Claudio Parisi Presicce and Cristiana Perrella, on occasion of its recent restoration.

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